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Wednesday, 28 Nov 2012

Ercoupe on Approach Stu describes the odd feelings flying an Ercoupe. This classic 1946 bird has no rudder pedals. It steers on the ground with the yoke like your grandfather's Buick.
The Stews also discuss some new aircraft including a Decathlon and perhaps a Cesnna 310 light twin.
Train in a P-51 Cavanaugh Flight Museum offers flight training in a Stearman, T6 Texan, or for the real adventurist, a P51 Mustang for a bargain price of $1,250 per hour.
Mike relates his recent exercise in flight planning where his most valuable tools were highway web cams.
Mike also discusses an FAA Safety course he took with which he disagreed on some of the "best" answers. The crew discusses personal minimums and the best approach to marginal weather that bumps against personal or approach minimums.

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