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Friday, 24 May 2013

CFIStew prepares for a new little one in his hangar, while Mike welcomes a mature beauty to his.

Stew welcomes Alexander Stoll, a 6lbs, 2oz pilot to be, born 5/12/13 at 11:15pm (after this episode was recorded.)

Mike's C180 Mike's new baby is a 1954 Cessna 180. It's essentially a taildragger version of a Cessna 182. At 230 hp, it's a great performer and sweet ride. He's also giving her some upgrades with wing extensions and a STOL kit.
Checklist The crew discusses getting checked out in a new type of aircraft, and getting to know the idiosyncrasies of a new bird.
Here are two easy to remember checklists that are good for just about any GA piston aircraft: Takeoff Checklist:
C - Controls. Check the flight controls, such as the aileron, elevator, rudder, wing flaps, and cowl flaps.
I – Instruments
G – Gas. Check how much you have, and that the fuel selector and pumps are properly selected.
A – Altimeter setting
R – Run-up. Check engine gauges, and set power controls properly.
T – Trim. Set pitch trim, as well as rudder and aileron (if applicable).
I – Interior. Check belts, harnesses, and that the cabin door is closed and latched.
P – Propeller. Cycle the propeller, and set takeoff rpm if there is a controllable-pitch prop.
Landing Checklist:
G – Gas. Check to make sure the fuel is on the proper tank and pumps are properly selected.
U – Undercarriage. Make sure the gear is down if it’s a retractable-gear aircraft.
M – Mixture
P – Prop
S – Seatbelts

iPhone Audio Cables Mike reviews cables from CrazedPilot.com that allow you to record your cockpit audio using an iPhone or other standard recording device.

FEATURED SITE: Reddit.com/r/aviation
Reddit.com/r/aviation Stew describes a general news site with several interesting aviation related feeds. Here, a community of people passionate about aviation that share their experiences, photos, videos, rants, discussions, etc.

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