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PJP #023 - A nice consistent let down


This episode the Stus talk about cross country flying, knocking rust off, commercial flying, product review, featured web site and much more.
CFIStew challenges PilotStu and MikeSteuw on the definition of cross country flying. (Hint: check out FAR 61.1.3) What qualifies as Cross Country?
What qualifies as Cross Country?
Cessna 206 Staionair
Cessna 206 Staionair
PilotStu talks about knocking some rust off flying skills and his chance to fly a Cessna 206 Staionair.
Mike describes a planned fly/camp trip to Moose Creek in the back country of Idaho. Moose Creek USFS Airport - 1U1
Moose Creek USFS Airport - 1U1
Product Review
LogTen Logbook for Mac, iPhone and iPad
LogTen Logbook for Mac, iPhone and iPad
LogTen Logbook for Mac, iPhone and iPad by Coradine
Rating: 4/5 stars for Mac users; 2/5 if you are a PC user
Featured Site
Alliance Air Show
Alliance Air Show
Pilots Journey BBQ Stew reviews the Alliance Air Show website. This year, the show features the Blue Angels, F-22 Raptor, Golden Knights, and a Jet Powered Port-o-let. (It may be hard to top a jet powered port-o-let, but there are many other great acts as well!)

The show gates are open from 9 to 5 on Saturday and Sunday, October 30-31, 2010.

Stew also invites all Pilots Journey listeners to a pre-airshow bar-b-que Friday, Oct. 29th at Riscky's Barbeque in the Ft. Worth stockyards.

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