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PJP #059 - So Oshkosh

This episode we welcome Dick Knapinski, Director of Communications for EAA. Dick and the crew discuss AirVenture 2018 as well as fond memories of past shows. The crew also catches up on what they've been doing with their careers. Dick Knapinski of EAA Dick Knapinski of EAA

FO Stew - on Dad Duty FO Stew - on Dad Duty Stew describes living the dream flying as a first officer for Empire Airlines. Mostly he flies boxes around in an ATR turboprop aircraft. He's also teaching his wife to fly.

Stu is engrossed in massive growth in his flight academy. This keeps him from flying as much as he'd like, but keeps him engaged with both the academic and training sides of the business. He also relates a flight from Maui to Molokai in a Cirrus SR22 and his plans to build a home and hangar in a North Texas air park. Stu in a T6 over Dallas Stu in a T6 over Dallas

Mike on a back country run Mike on a back country run Mike makes everyone jealous describing his Part 135 charter flying carrying people and packages throughout the beautiful back country. He flies 11 different aircraft types into dozens of wilderness air strips.


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